The cave drawings and campfire conversations may have evolved into our modern-day pages, stages and screens. But the instinct and desire to tell stories are the same.


I see storytelling collaboration as a force for good — to bridge the increasing division & isolation that seem to define our time and connect us all.


Hello, my name is Edward Gunawan (goo-NAH-one).

I'm a writer from Indonesia. I tell cross-cultural transnational stories and I love collaborating on multi-disciplinary projects. 

As a young child studying abroad, I told my first stories in letters to my parents. I honed my craft as a college journalist and over the next 15 years, developed my creative sensibility writing for the stage and screen in the US and across Asia. 

I’m now writing a collection of original gay Asian short stories and adapting a US-China sci-fi feature film based on the Hugo Award-winning novella “Folding Beijing” by Hao Jinfang. I'm also consulting on a wide range of projects with social impact aspirations — from mobile game apps and live storytelling shows to web-comics and feature films.

I’ve worked as a producer, director and actor on films that have earned awards and critical acclaim. Some of them have been screened in film festivals such as Berlin, Toronto, Locarno and Clermont-Ferrand. Two of my most recent producing projects — How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) by Josh Kim and By the Time It Gets Dark by Anocha Suwichakornpong — were selected as the Thai’s Oscar entry for Best Foreign Language Film. 

I’m especially proud of my collaborations with first-time filmmakers, many of whom have established successful careers in the industry. 

Educated in Singapore and the US, I now live in Hong Kong with my partner and our dog. I write primarily in English and am fluent in Indonesian and Mandarin. I have an MBA in marketing. In my spare time, I practice yoga and promote mental health awareness through a volunteer online community I'm co-organizing - Project Press Play.  

I get excited talking about:

  • Good stories and effective storytelling
  • Intersectional minority representation in mainstream media
  • Mental health awareness and wellness 
  • Queer issues, esp in Asia
  • and Beyoncé =) 

Please find below some of my work.

As writer


  • 2019: Crows Like Us 
  • 2019: Press Play 
  • 2019: Folding City webtoon 
  • Various print and online publication


  • Folding City (co-writer)
  • Red Umbrella: The Movie
  • Birds of Paradise
  • 2013: Dino
  • 2010: Red Umbrella
  • 2010: Broken Vase
  • 2008: Scent
  • 2008: Laundromat
  • 2007: Just
  • 2006: Still (co-writer)


  • 2018: Hong Kong Stories
  • 2006: Comrades
  • 2005: Craigslist Chronicles
  • 2004: XY

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As producer

  • 2018: Traffic to the Movies
    (creative producer)
  • 2016: By the Time It Gets Dark
    (executive producer)
  • 2015: How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) 
  • 2015: Sagarmatha
  • 2013: Draft Day (executive producer)
  • 2013: Adam
  • 2012: Revenge
  • 2012: Below the Line
  • 2011: The Disposal

As actor

  • 2018: Liar's League HK
  • 2016: Double Trouble
  • 2014: Street Society
  • 2011: Arisan! 2
  • 2007: Joy Luck Club
  • 2006: Letters to a Student Revolutionary


  • 2018: Aruna & Lidahnya
    (script consultant)
  • 2018: Tong Zhi Literary Group (speaker)
  • 2018: Hong Kong Stories - Home (host)
  • 2012: Bentara Budaya (screenwriting workshop)
  • Various campus and organization speaking engagement

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