Why Storytelling?

Like our ancestors, we are all natural storytellers. 

The cave drawings and campfire conversations may have evolved into our modern-day pages, stages, and screens. But the instinct and desire to tell stories remain the same. 

We do it to survive. We do it to fully thrive.



My name is Edward Gunawan. 

I'm a multi-disciplinary storyteller. I love creating and collaborating on socially-impactful transnational projects. 

I'm concerned about how storytelling is used negatively as propaganda or a sales tactic. I'm excited to explore the different storytelling formats and platforms that are recently available and how they intersect with the old-school. I'm passionate about meeting and working with other storytellers who share the same aspiration: In what new ways can we use stories and storytelling as a force for good?

Born in Indonesia and educated abroad in Singapore, I told my first stories in letters to my parents.

After graduating from USC's Annenberg School of Communications (with a second degree in Political Science) and earning my MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, I have started and ran companies while telling stories as a writer, producer, director and actor on 10 stage productions and 25 film projects in the US and across Asia. 

Some of those films were screened in Berlin, Toronto, and Locarno. Two of my most recent producing projects — How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) by Josh Kim and By the Time It Gets Dark by Anocha Suwichakornpong — were selected as Thailand’s Oscar entries for Best Foreign Language Film. 

I now live in Hong Kong with my partner and our dog. My first love is writing (so yes, I'm wordy!) and I also speak Indonesian and Mandarin. In my spare time, I *TRY TO* keep a regular yoga practice.

Current Projects:

I'm working on the big-screen sci-fi adaptation of Hao Jinfang's Hugo Award-winning novella Folding Beijing. The film asks the question: What kind of world do we want to live in when automation and AI displace human workforce?

I'm also developing a gay Asian short story collection and consulting on Deep Sea - a video game that aims to raise awareness on ocean pollution.

This May, I'm launching Press Play - a webcomic to promote mental well-being