Story and Writing

  • Bird by Bird - inspirational guide on the writing life
  • On Writing - a personal and emotional memoir on the writing life
  • Story -  screenwriting and overall writing classic
  • Hero's Journey - universal motif of adventure and transformation
  • Screenplay - industry bible on the craft and format of screenwriting
  • Keeping a Notebook - a daily habit I picked up from Joan Didion


Creativity and Personal Development


Social Impact


Inspirational Works (To Listen)

  • The Moth - a podcast of short true first-person stories in the US
  • Hong Kong Stories - a podcast of short true first-person stories in HK 
  • Dirty John - such a cool project blending old-school and new media, drama and journalism
  • Rough Translation - a podcast of cross-culture stories
  • This American Life - still one of the best resources for character studies


Inspirational Works (To Watch)


Inspirational Works (To Read)

  • Modern Love - beautiful and moving stories 
  • Brevity - powerful short true stories
  • The Boat - what an innovative interactive graphic essay